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ADULT SWIM / The Woman in Black 2

40 years ago she cursed this house. Now fate has drawn these children back. And no one is safe from the Woman in Black. She never forgives. She never forgets. She never left.

TL;DR: Don’t ever get near that creepy photo album in the attic!

Client: Adult Swim
Agency: Boss Creative
Creative Director: Daniel Garcia

Production Company: Slanted Studios
Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Kathryn Henderson
Art Director: Rachel McIntosh

Cinematographer: Bowie Alexandar
Gaffer: Patrick Ginnetty
Stop-Motion Animator: Matt Christensen
SFX Make-up: Gerrold Vincent
Hand Model: Ana Kim
Location: Robbins Location

Storyboards & Illustration: Max Temescu
Compositing: Andrew Macfarlane
Production Assistant: Avi Jacob
Color: Erin Kilkenny

January 2015