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Ecdysis is Sougwen Chung’s immersive audio-visual installation depicting biological and architectural adaptation. 240 feet of tension-set rope hold 36 interlocking beams in suspension while animated projections dance across their surfaces.

For this installation, Slanted Studios worked with Sougwen Chung to create installation prototypes and code custom software. Slanted’s software allowed her to dynamically call up and affect her animations within the three-channel projection.

Client: Sougwen Chung 
Score: Praveen Sharma
Technical Director: Chris Lunney
Fabrication: Square Fabrication

Slanted Studios
Technical Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Line Producer: John Seabright
Production Assistant: Claire Seizovic

Special Thanks: Dev Harlan
Video Documentation DP: Josh McKie
Producer: Amber Shaefer
Editor: Stephanie Swart
Music: Huma-Huma
Locations: 319 Scholes / CMKY Conference

March 2014.