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ADULT SWIM / X-Men: Apocalypse

Our favorite team of crime fighting mutants are back! This time the X-Men are up against ancient cyber-mutant Apocalypse and his four horsemen.

Pick your horsemen and fight crime in our video game version of the Adult Swim trailer. This was our opportunity to play with those 8-bit and 16-bit pixels. X-Men, pixels, and video games? Oh my! Doesn’t get much cooler (or nerdier) than that! 

Client: Adult Swim
Agency: Boss Creative
Creative Director: Daniel Garcia 
Executive Producer: Kathryn Hendersen

Slanted Studios
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance

Director: Yussef Cole
Pixel Artists: Mike Myers, Diego Sanches
Cel Animation: Ana Kim, Tynesha Foreman

May 2016