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FRESHKILLS PARK ALLIANCE / Windows into Freshkills Park

Staten Island’s Freshkills Park was once the world’s largest landfill, but through the efforts of hardworking activists, engineers, city planners, and designers, a multi-phase construction process is underway to transform it into New York City’s largest public park. At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years.

Through grants awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Staten Island Foundation, The Freshkills Park Alliance commissioned Slanted Studios and our good friends, MTN GODS, to design and engineer four interactive diorama boxes, educating New Yorkers about the exciting potential of this reclaimed landscape. We assembled a team of talented fabricators and designers to create narration-guided interactive displays to educate and excite visitors about the park’s mission and its literally groundbreaking technology.

Client: Freshkills Park Alliance
President: Eloise Hirsh

With Freshkills Park Development Team, NYC Parks
Manager for Programs, Arts and Grants: Mariel Villeré
Communications and Programs Coordinator: Megan Moriarty
Manager for Science and Research Development: Cait Field
Educational Programming Associate: Terrance Caviness

Slanted Studios & MTN GODS
Creative Directors: Philip Sierzega & Michelle Higa Fox
Technical Direction: Charlie Whitney
Producer: Jennifer Vance

Research & Writing: Stuart Higa Fox 

Designers: Terra Henderson, Philip Sierzega
Animation: Caresse Haaser, Ana Kim, Philip Sierzega
Fabrication: Junko Shizimu, Victoria Arslani, Taili Wu, Ana Kim, John Hughes, Jennifer Vance, Yiwen Yan

Digital Fabrication: GAMMA NYC
Physical Computing: Charlie Whitney, Yiwen Yan

Voice Talent: Noah Norman, Alison Willmore
Audio Engineering: Mixtape Club Music
Sound Design: Raymo Ventura

Case Study
DP: Chris Willmore
Music: Ketsa "Within the Earth"

Special Thanks: Freshkills Park Alliance, Natl. Endowment for the Arts, Staten Island Foundation, Manny Higa Fox

August 2017

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