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ONEWTC / The Podium

Slanted Studios partnered with our friends at OneWTC to design and animate seasonal content for The Podium over the span of some of our most beloved holidays of 2018 - 2019. We kicked things off with one of our personal favorite times-of-year in the city, Fall of 2018, and lit Lower Manhattan through the Fourth of July 2019, a powerful visual pairing with the 9/11 Memorial.

As our relationship with the LED Panels grew over the course of the year, we developed a beautiful production flow and a firm foundation for the Podium design and technical guidelines. This is a special landmark and our collaboration with OneWTC in shaping its course has been an absolute honor to be a part of.

Client: One World Trade Center
Lighting Coordination: Mark Domino

Slanted Studios
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Creative Director:
Jennifer Vance
Production Coordinator: Anthony DeRita

Design & Animation: Eddie Song, Po Chen Chia, Christopher Mennuto, Ana Kim, Mercy Lomelin, Philip Sierzega, Stephanie Swart
Additional Design: Terra Henderson, John Hughes
Additional Animation: Crosby Ignasher

Case Study
Director of Photography:
Chris Wilmore
Editor: Anthony DeRita
Music: Podington Bear "Bass Rider" /

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019