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NERDWALLET / Summer Social

NerdWallet is a friendly and easy-to-use financial resource that will search for the right credit card for you, help find your credit score more easily and provides valuable financial information that’s easy to digest. Their main goal is to empower people in their financial lives. Sounds pretty great, right? 

Slanted Studios hearts NerdWallet, so naturally, we were happy as clams to nerd-out with them on social media content creation. We worked closely with the team to visually interpret financial messaging in a fun, approachable and not-so-obvious way. Why not talk about exponential growth in the language of donuts? A language we definitely speak and eat. 

Client: NerdWallet 
Lead of Video: Rob Nikzad
Marketing + Copy Director: MJ Speakman

Directed by Slanted Studios 
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox 
Producer: Jennifer Vance

Art Director: Darius Maghen 
Stop-Motion Animation: Ana Kim 
Fabrication: Ana Kim and Junko Shimizu 
Compositing: Brenn Goodell

Special Thanks: John Hughes and Caresse Haaser

June 2017