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COACH / How to Wear Campaign

Coach designed the 2012 Legacy collection as a salute to the company’s iconic archive dating back to 1941.

To celebrate the launch of Legacy and other new accessories, Coach and Slanted Studios created this global online and in-store campaign based on the fashion illustrations of their one-time creative director, and design pioneer, Bonnie Cashin.

The campaign was translated into six languages, garnered over 200,000 YouTube hits, and was custom re-formatted for in-store displays in Coach stores internationally.

Nominated: Animated Fashion Award, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
Official Selection: KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2013
Published: STASH 99

Production Company: Slanted Studios
Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Nika Offenbac

Art Director: Erin Kilkenny
Illustrator: Liz Hur
Design: Alex Mapar, Elliot Blanchard, Sean McClintock
Cel Animation: Efrain Cintron, Lizzi Akana, Shervin Etaat, Harry Teitelman
Additional Animation: Matt Canale, David Hobizal
Compositing: Alex Mapar, Elliot Blanchard, Sean McClintock
Music/Sound Design: Huma-Huma

Coach, Inc:
Executive CD: James Spindler
Executive Producer: Bridget Sheils