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NORDSTROM / Dear Nordstrom

Nordstrom is known for going above and beyond expectations to provide unforgettable customer service. These human and sincere in-store interactions have moved countless shoppers to share their stories of gratitude.  

Slanted Studios partnered creatively with Cash Studios to celebrate Nordstrom employee excellence through the lens of three unique customer experiences. Together we established a hand-drawn visual style that highlighted the relatable and authentic spirit in each story. Expressing these emotional moments through illustration and animation was an experience Slanted Studios is grateful for. Dear Nordstrom and Cash Studios, thank you! 

Client: Nordstrom

Cash Studios
Executive Producer: Bridget Sheils
Creative Director: Ivan Cash & Mary Michael Pringle
Production Coordinator: Louie Jimena 

Music: Shannon Feguson
Sound Design: Pete Kneser 

Slanted Studios
Executive Producer: Jennifer Vance
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Creative Producer: Nika Offenbac

Design Director: Carlo Vega
Animation Director: Terra Henderson

Concept Art: Daniel Savage
Design: Juan Geist, Alex Pope, Tynesha Foreman 
Illustration: Martina Trach, Vero Escalante 
Animation: Alex Pope, Tynesha Foreman, Erica Gorochow
Editor: Nika Offenbac  


April 2020