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THE ATLANTIC / School Myths

George Washington was a military genius. There are five total human senses. Kids should consume eleven servings of grain a day to stay healthy.

You might remember learning some of these concepts in school, but what do they have in common? They’re all myths! The Atlantic wrote a five-episode Facebook Watch series to debunk these and other common misconceptions taught in schools across the United States. Like a design-savvy Sherlock and Watson, Slanted Studios & Mean Flow were brought on the case to visually veto some of these tall tales.

For each episode, we combined stop-motion elements, motion graphics, and archival footage to cast a critical eye over faulty food pyramids, misguided school schedules, and other deep-seated misconceptions. To learn more about the myths you might have committed to memory, follow The Atlantic: School Myths on Facebook!

Client: The Atlantic
Executive Producer: Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Bladegg
Senior Producer: Ashley Bloom Kenny
Production Manager: Brian Jimenez
Producer: Alice Roth
Voiceover: Willow Jensen

Mean Flow
Creative Director / Producer: Jennifer Vance
Creative Director / Designer: Don Vincent Ortega

Slanted Studios
Technical Director: Michelle Higa Fox

Stop-Motion Animator / Fabricator: Ana Kim
Animators: Crosby Ignasher, Stephanie Swart, Reina Hamane, Benge Li
Storyboard Artist / Illustrator: John Hughes
Sound Design: Raymo Ventura

Case Study:
Editor: John Hughes
Music: Podington Bear "Boop"  /

October 2017

Episode 1: Health Class

Episode 2: Perfect Grades

Episode 3: Science Class

Episode 4: Schedules

Episode 5: History Class