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TWITTER / Flight School 2016

We were tickled at the opportunity to collaborate with Twitter on Flight School congratulatory GIFs again! We kept the stop-motion and cel animation styles consistent with our previous Flight School Launch and Anheuser-Busch campaigns. 

The new challenge was to come up with seamless looping GIFs that were course-specific. What kind of GIFs encapsulate TV, amplification, optimization, and video on Twitter? Did we hear internet videos? A can in a bow tie. We had to. Visually translating each class was a ton of fun, as we spread our animation wings, continuing the Flight School GIF series. 

Client: Twitter
Producer: Ryan Brown

Slanted Studios
Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Stop-Motion Animation: Matt Christensen, Don Vincent Ortega, Ana Kim and Jennifer Vance
Cel Animation: Ana Kim
Compositing: Yussef Cole
Sound Design (GIFs): Raymo Ventura
Music (Case Study): Thiaz Itch /
Talent: Nessie the Cat 

Special Thanks: Robin Davis, Dan Burke, Erin Kilkenny and the Vimeo Music Store

January 2016