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CHEVY / Sonic Roadtrip

We're starting off the year with a surreal ride through technicolor forests, ocean depths, and outer space. To create the journey, we used multiple projectors, custom mapping via Touch Designer, and many delicious coffees for an all in-camera experience. That’s what I call a trip!

Director: Daniel Garcia / Michelle Higa
Technical Director: Devan Simunovich
Producer: Ty Walker 
DP: Zak Mulligan
Styling: Elena Vazintaris
Make up: Julianne Laney
Design: Andre Salyer, Devan Simunovich, Michelle Higa
Animation: Andre Salyer, Devan Simunovich, Michelle Higa
Editor: Bennett Barbakow
Assistant Editor: Nick Lentz
Color: Seth Ricart

Adult Swim:
Executive Producer: Jason Demarco
Writer / Creative: Siobahn Price
Special Thanks: Rooftop Films

February 2012