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Facebook Messenger / AR Filters

From flower faces to barfing hearts, Slanted Studios and MTN GODS teamed up to bring Facebook users face-to-face with the impossible—literally. We joined Facebook to conceptualize and create a series of whimsical and shareable AR filters that enhance the FB Messenger user experience. To craft the best experience possible, we explored characters and effects that spanned the gamut: Sherlock Holmes to pastel goth, corgi hats to bubble wands.

Client: Facebook Messenger
Art Director: Emmett Dzieza
Producers: Steven Lima, Alex Shansky

Slanted Studios and MTN GODS
Creative Directors: Philip Sierzega, Michelle Higa Fox
Technical Director: Charlie Whitney
Producer: Jennifer Vance 

Design & Animation Lead: Terra Henderson
Design & Animation: Christopher Mennuto, John Hughes
Coding: Andy So

Special Thanks: Yussef Cole, Anthony DeRita, Tynesha Foreman, Holly Fox, Manny Higa Fox, Ananya Ghatrazu, Terra Henderson, Sophia Holland, Kasey Ma, Maria Elena Namisato

June through December 2018