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SAMSUNG / Landfall 10.29.12

On February 22, 2016, Samsung opened 837 Washington, their flagship playground in the heart of New York City's Meatpacking District. Guild commissioned artist, Michelle Higa Fox to create a digital piece for the 32' x 30' screen wall inside the experience store. 

Landfall 10.29.12 uses hand-painted digital waves and data from NOAA's Hudson River tide gages to visualize the rise and fall of the Hudson River's elevation between 2 PM and 2 AM on the evening of Hurricane Sandy's storm surge. The art follows the water as it rises almost ten feet to flood 837 Washington Street. As the piece follows the river to its 14-foot high point, the animated waves rise higher and become more turbulent. 

Client: Samsung
Agency: Guild
Partner + Creative Director: Sam Ewen
Senior Producer: Sara Bender
Producer: Travis Craw
Director of Accounts: Allison Keiley

Slanted Studios
Artist: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Concept Art: Sarah Orenstein
Additional Concept Art: Ian Bradley and Scott Cannon
Illustration: Ana Kim

Special Thanks: Philip Orton, Rich Reynolds, Gary Wall, USGS and NOAA

February 2016