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SLANTED STUDIOS / March of the Balloons

We were given the opportunity to walk some dogs - Slanted Studios’ style - for a privately commissioned art installation. In collaboration with Studio Nos, we brought a whole pack of balloon dogs to life through stop-motion animation. We all reconnected with our inner child as we imagined this playful and whimsical approach to balloon art. Our not-so-furry friends frolic across 30+ feet of wall projection, each with their own gait and personality.

Slanted Studios
Executive Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox  
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Director: Ana Kim

Concept Development: Michelle Higa Fox, Jennifer VanceAna Kim
Storyboard Artist: Ana Kim

Stop-Motion Production: Studio Nos
Stop-Motion Animation: Mathew Amonson

Balloon Artist: Brian Harger
Fabrication: Ana Kim, Yiwen Yan
Production Assistant: John Hughes

Compositor: Leah Kallins

Case Study:
Editor: John Hughes
Music: Podington Bear "SideCar" /

January 2018